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Saw this and thought of you:



Cool. Even before I read the details, I knew that had to be in São Paulo. One thing I found interesting about the dubbed version of Star Wars is C-3PO maintains a British accent even while speaking Portuguese, and yet, non-English speaking Brazilians can't detect anything out of the ordinary in his voice.


Ha! All these years and I never thought of C-3PO as being a British robot! A bit gay, yes, like the butler in Jeeves and Wooster.
Perhaps that's what Brazilians hear?



Same with me, actually. I only fully realized that he was British when I saw the actor in an interview. Still, it's clearly a British accent, even in Portuguese. (To be completely accurate, in the first episode 4 movie, he's dubbed with a stupid robotic voice, but they started doing it right with The Empire Strikes Back.)

I've also seen this phenomenon in the Little Mermaid, which I've never seen in English. I caught part of a scene in which a character (perhaps a crab?) was speaking Portuguese with a very strong Scottish accent, and once again Brazilians were oblivious to it.


Oh man! I wish I had known about the Star Wars exhibit! I was in São Paulo the final week of June and would have loved to see it. Oh well, I did enjoy the Museum of the Portuguese Language, though.

As for accents, I have to ask how my Portuguese comes across, but in the past I have been told by multiple Spanish-speakers that I speak Spanish with a German accent. (I grew up bi-lingual English/German.) Hopefully I have improved over the years.



Someday I have to check out that museum of Portuguese. It must be extremely interesting, especially to an interested Portuguese learner like me. (I'd bet that most Brazilians don't share my interest, though.)


It was quite interesting, even to the Brasileira who was with me. It's in the above-ground portion of a subway station in downtown São Paulo, and was very impressive. Lots of interactive exhibits too, such as the computers my friend liked playing with, that would show screens full of words and then when you touched one, would explain what other language they came from.


This is a bit out of context from the dialogue about Star Wars, but I found it interesting how affordable Milton said it was to eat out. The Brazilian I am dating has expressed how affordable it is to eat in Brazil in comparison to the United States.

Out of curiosity I looked up today's exchange rate for the Real to the Dollar. As Milton mentioned it cost him $5BRL a day to eat out ($100BRL a month). $100BRL converts to $45.11USD today.

That is extremely affordable in comparison considering most lunch meals here run about $7USD ($140USD a month). The currency exchange puts the monthly lunch expense in the US at $310BRL, just over 3x's as much here in the US...ouch! Of course this is not taking into account wage differences, interesting though.


Patrick, you also have to bear in mind that Milton eats lunch several miles from the center of town in probably the absolute cheapest restaurant he can find. The food is probably edible, but I doubt even Milton would say it's good.

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