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Here in the UK we had a popular TV programme called 'Allo, 'Allo, set in France, that was a comedy about the Second World War. But, as you said in America, Kinsey, poking fun at foreign accents on TV is simply not acceptable.

They got round the accent problem rather cleverly - they made the British actors talk English in ridiculous foreign accents as if they were trying to talk French badly, and the French actors spoke English perfectly. It was very funny.


And I found some clips of it on YouYube.


Having looked at that clip, I realise that I made an inappropriate remark; I should have said "It was somewhat mildy amusing".

What you need to hear is the actor working as a British spy, disguised as a French policeman, in it. He appears here
seven minutes in.


Yes, that was kind of funny. Unfortunately, he didn't really appear long enough for me to get a good sense of the character. But it is interesting that they found such a roundabout way of adding a funny accent.


Carp - change the two middle letters around. I prefer a friendlier Internet.

"Café" doesn't have sugar. How can you have Café (which doesn't have sugar) without sugar?

I have also had a cockroach served to me, in frango xadrez. I had a friend that was served larva at a churrasco.

20 minutes dedicated to spanky? You are taking me far to seriously.

moqueca - mmmmmmmmmm.

About the podcasts. Guys, you need to do the podcast the way you want. It's just that some times things get rather distracting in the studio.

o spanky



Yesterday Milton and I recorded a few hours of feedback responses. I don't yet know how many episodes we'll get out of that, but if you think we spent too much time responding to you in this episode, you ain't heard nothing yet. Eventually we may have to rename the podcast "The Spanky Show". But seriously, both of us enjoy and appreciate all your comments very much.


I saw the Jaca film you did the other day.

Brazilians are pretty crazy about their fruit and they love talking about. The correct answer to "Have you eaten ?" is "yes, I've even had the doce and the liquor too. Because if you don't what ever the fruit is will magically appear in your hand with a huge expectation that you are going to eat it at that very moment.

The odd thing is, they don't even expect you to like it. They usually just like to see the awful look on your face after you try your first caqui etc.

When I was there I used to carry around a spread sheet of fruits in my wallet with all of them checked off by, fruit (pulp), liquor and doce.

Just pulling that out would generally cut the conversation short.

Maybe you could do several short fruit films to let people see what they can expect.

Caju, Carambola, Açaí, etc.




Yes, I was thinking of doing something like that. One difficulty is that the more exotic produce is hard to find when you're looking for it. You only run into it when you don't have the time, money, or lifting power (in the case of jaca). If Scotty J. ever makes it over here for a visit, I was thinking of filming him being introduced to a whole slew of interesting food items.


Spanky's spreadsheet sounds great! I had a glorious time in São Paulo visiting the Mercado Municipal, especially in the fruits section. I loved how the vendors would be offering up an almost constant stream of samples of fresh fruit, most of which I (silly alemão that I am) couldn't possibly identify.

It's like the free samples in some of the upscale supermarkets here in the U.S., but ten times better!



I've noticed that most Brazilians also have a hard time identifying everything.


Yes, my friend who took me to the mercado couldn't identify half the fruits they were giving us, but she bought two plastic bags full anyway due to all the free samples! :D

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