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Plenty of Brazilian soap operas here in the US guys! But you are right Kinsey,they all are translated into Spanish. It must be because neighboring countries speak spanish and they enjoy them quite a bit. There have been some good ones though (O Clone, Xica and such) BTW, Is the economic status of the US affecting foreign travel into Brazil? How many Reais to a dollar now?

I wait for your show to appear in my ipod and its always a pleasant surprise when it is there. Where's Milton?



Carlos, good to know about the soap operas. I've never been fortunate enough to encounter any in the US, but I've never had much access to the Spanish-language channels.

The economic status of the US makes this a good time for travel to Brazil. The dollar is high. It's about 2.48 reais to the dollar right now. And with airfare dropping in price, people in the US can travel to Brazil more cheaply than has been possible in awhile. (Unfortunately, most people don't have a lot of extra cash to travel right now.)

Milton is around. I just recorded three more episodes with him this weekend, so you should be hearing more with him shortly.


You're right Kinsey about the canned beans thing... that's always a hard concept for any of my Brazilian friends visiting to imagine. Oh and Fabíola is right... in Britain for breakfast they eat Heinz baked beans on toast. They're still sweet and in a tomato based sauce but don't really taste quite the same as Boston baked beans. But I don't know any Americans who eat it regularly at home.

P.S. It's so funny to hear someone else talk almost as much as you in an episode!


The next time I'm in the States, I should buy a can of beans to take back to Brazil with me, so I can do a taste test with Brazilians.

Yes, Milton really needs to talk more. One of my life dreams is for him to someday plan an episode.

President Spanky

Happy Holidays!

What do you do for Christmas in Brazil? Does Santa Claus get all the way down there too? It must be hot in that big red suit.

President Spanky

Spanky Claus

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Happy Christmas Milton, Fabiola, Kinsey, Simone, Pizza Delivery Guy and anyone else I have forgotten to mention that has appeared on the show (is there Tang delivery on Brazil?).

Spanky Claus


Spanky Claus,

No Tang delivery, but Simone once called a pizzaria to have a can of Fanta delivered.

We really should talk about Brazilian holiday traditions in an upcoming episode.

Merry Christmas!

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