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Account Deleted

Hahahaha.. you guys are hilarious!!! I mean, it's totaly obvious that you didn't go through the gestures beforehand, and the result just made my day!! Milton's clueless face to the brazilian gestures he's asked to show :)

-Start with the gesture for jail.

-Give me the finger... no you're not doing it properly!

After 4 minutes of wonderful confusion the first one he actually knows is the vagina one!! I'd also like to point out that the "underhanded ok" symbolizes an asshole (I think) so it would be the equivalent of "vai tomar no cu". Then the confusion reaches its climax:

-Can you do it more fluently
-You're not doing it quite right
-You have to do it more than once
-More than once


Account Deleted

I've spent about 10 months in Rio, and for sure I've noticed these gestures and even started using some of them. In my experience the most common ones are:

  • muuuito bom! ("intense" as you call it.. IMO it generally means "veeeery" in relation to positive things.. like "veeeery good" or "suuuper nice house")
  • esquece! ("forget it" or "unrelated things" as you said.. it comes from you washing your hands and moving on)
  • fudeu! ("you're screwed")
  • muito tempo atras! ("long time ago".. like waving air over your shoulder)
  • lotado ("crowded".. like the global babbling gesture but vertical)

You have to do a follow-up!! And thanks for being you! I'm long time fan of brazil and brazilianisms :)


Great video. I also thought it was pretty funny.

Johan, what is the gesture for "Fudeu"?

I also thought of a few more:
- "Daqui o'" (Pepople point at the ear lobe if something is good"
- "Barbeiro" (shaving gesture, to indicade some one is a bad driver).


Another pretty good gesture is the one that mixes the "finger" with the "upside down OK". :)

Oh, and like Milton I had no idea what Kinsey wanted for "intensity" of "jail".

So dont feel bad Milton.

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