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Great episode once again!
It is nice to hear that Ecuador is like Romania :), small in size and you can find a diverse landscape also, from the sea to the mountains and everything in between.
All the talk regarding to the visas made me quite scared, because it can be possible for Brazil to not grant me the Visa for some reason and I know that it will be a long time until I will receive my permanent visa.
I loved the discussion about the park in Sao Paulo and the museums. I surely want to visit them but not because of being deported. :)
And all the talk about the beach in Sao Paulo made me wish to go to Brazil at least to visit the country, if I would not get any work, but I want my visit to last at least one year so I would be able to see as much as possible,
Great story Juan about your handle 10kJuan, I wish you good luck, have fun in Brazil and thank you for all the information you provided. Take care!
And thank you Kinsey for a great episode. Cheers! :)


Mike, I'm glad you liked the part about the park in São Paulo. I almost cut it out in editing, because I thought it was too dull and uninteresting. I'm glad it stayed in.



You can get Hershey's chocolate at Lojas Americanas I think. I know I have seen it in stores somewhere here.


Spank-it, yes, but it just doesn't taste the same. (You know my name is Kinsey, right?)

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