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Cellski Fulano

It's funny when they mention older people don't know to press "play" on the podcast website.

Any plans on bringing back guests from past episodes?


Some guests do occasionally come back. Brandon has been on a couple of episodes and will probably do a third when he gets to Brazil. I'm also trying to get Mark to do another show, especially since in the last one with him, I managed to only record a few minutes of my talk with him. Basically, anyone who's been a guest is welcome to come back any time they want. All they have to do is contact me.

Cellski Fulano

What about Fabiola? I enojyed that episode.


That was a good one. Unfortunately, Fabíola didn't like the sound of her voice when she listened to it, so I don't think she'll want to record again any time soon.


Great episode, such a lovely couple! Before they confirmed that they were a couple I thought that they would make a nice pair. :)
The history of the podcast was very nice and it seems that it was more pleasure than work. and I also want to wish you to be able to travel to the UK and back exactly as you planned.
What a coincidence that I came to know more about Brazil because of this artist and she is one of those gems that you wonder why I dod not listened to her music until now. Kika, Suingue can you check out this girl's music? Her name is Eloá Soares Leitão - She is one talented little girl. :) I am advertising here a little, true, but she is a great singer.
I liked how you talked about the radio industry, the radio stations that play a very limited number of songs that beside being repetitive, they are horrendous!
About the record industries and the ban of the music on YouTube and other mediums, I want to say that the greedy Record Company owners are stupid, and they do not understand that making your music more widely available is a blessing for them. They treat it like a curse and because of this artist don't get payed enough. Not only they do not get payed because of the share Record Companies have on their songs, but also because their music is not truly available to the masses.
Thank you guys for the beautiful introduction to brazilian music. You two are doing a great job and I wish that you will have more and more listeners from all over the world, to listen to the beautiful notes of the brazilian music.
Thank you Kinsey for inviting this great people to your show!

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