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Firstly, welcome back Milton!
You went through a lot of painful moments, I am really sad to hear what has happened. I knew what happened soon after but I did not know that it was so serious. I am glad you are better and I am hoping that you will have a quick recovery.
Milton, that girl still talks to you after the incident? :)
The Atari remark was funny. Geek or non geek, everybody heard of the Atari. By the way, Milton, did you played "ET the extraterrestrial" on Atari? :)
About the fish, I think he called you estúpido not retardado, but do not worry, it was not your fault Milton. maybe the fish was old. :)
But on a sadder note, I want to give my condolences to the family of Patrick, I did not heard of him until now, but he was a member of this community and I am sadden to hear about his early death. God bless his soul! I want to add also that on the 1st of May this year, I almost died too, it is a long story but by shear luck I escaped death. I wondered if I was dead that nobody would have realized my disappearance. I do not have many friends on Facebook and I guess that I would have not been missed. But Patrick is missed dearly by his family and community.
That was such a fun episode! Thank you Milton for being here, please do come again.
there were fun and happy memories but also sad ones, but the only important thing to know is that all your lives as young people made you the way you are now and you should be proud about your lives.
Take care both of you and I will wait right here for the next episode. :) Tchau!


Very good episode, pretty funny when you were talking about "experiencing" toilet paper ,lol

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