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Cellski Fulano

I enjoyed this episode.

I'm interested to hear Milton's feedback on it if you can ever get him to actually listen to it.


And the worst part is that someday Milton will mention having listened to it but won't remember a single thing about it.


What a nice interview! I liked listening to Shelley and I wish her Boa sorte and I wish she will come again on the podcast, with more news about her life and the life of her family in Brazil.
You arriving in Brazil on 5th of March is like a gift for me. The gift is the ability of a foreigner to live in Brazil, the country that I love.
So informative! I learned so much about the people and food and culture. Thanks Kinsey for this episode!
Iw ant to add that the best part was when you Kinsey talked about that woman from McDonalds and how se knew approached and talked to you. :) But overall this episode was all very nice and I can't wait for even more informations about Brazil. And all this make me wish I was already there.
Have a great time in Brazil Shelley and thank you for your participation.


I'm glad you liked the episode, Mike (Mihai). I should have a new one up in a few days.

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