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Great episode! I liked that Mark learned so quickly portuguese, I want to think that I also know a bit of portuguese at least to talk to people casually and so they could understand me a little bit.
And about the different religions you talked about I can say that it doesn't matter what religion you have if you do good for others without expecting something in return.
All the talks were very important to me in finding more about Brazil, to know what to expect and I wish I was at Dragon*Con too. I didn't want this until now. You made it seem very interesting and I am a bit of a nerd myself. :)
Have a great time back in Brazil Kinsey and hopefully Mark will go there again.
Thank you again for the episode and I look forward for episode 75!


Mike, thanks. I was worried people would find this episode less interesting, because so much of it was not about Brazil.


I just wanted to add that after recording the episode, I was heading back to my room and had another encounter with a celebrity. I was taking the long escalator in the Marriott, not really paying attention to what was going on around me. We were about 10 feet from the bottom when I looked over and saw that I was standing right next to Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters). I did a double-take and said "Whoa. I didn't even realize who I was standing next to." He chuckled and by then we reached the bottom and went our separate ways.


Yes, I have the impression that Grant is a really nice guy in person. One year I was at the restaurant in the Sheraton, and Jamie Hyneman was sitting just two tables away from me.

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