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Hey, nice to hear from Milton again! But it sounds like he's about to get scammed.


Yes, he never mentioned it again, so I think he was scammed.


Milton, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. :) Be careful with this opportunities. If you can not see the person's face that you work for, you shouldn't do the job.
I am sad to hear about your accident and I want to add that if I was a student in that class I would have been concerned also. Best option would have been to just stay at home and recover completely.
Here, in Romania, the potholes don't get fixed for months after appearing, but some they do not get fixed for years. If they would do a good job in the first place there wouldn't appear any potholes but they just do this in a hurry and with horrible materials.
I noticed that everything is so much more expensive than in the neighboring countries or other countries around the world. Here cars are expensive too for the average joe, but still we have more luxury cars here than in some developed countries. Here we also have people that take loans from banks and give a fake address or something and people call our house to see if that person is a neighbor and does truly live there, and we also get calls from banks that are sometimes truly harassing.
I am sorry for Simone, she should just go to a payment office, show them the bill she received and tell them to screw themselves. :P Milton, I really hope that you will take that bike for cheap but I do not think that you will be able to do that receiving an invoice with a lower price. Good luck and have a great time to Canada!
The talk about English words pronounced in portuguese was quite funny, I remember when I first heard Facebook pronounced in portuguese, I was like What?? and I laughed so hard, I though it sounded funny, but now I am used to it. Great episode! Hope to hear from you Kinsey and Milton, soon. Tchau!

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