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Zezinho da Rocinha

awesome! Nice to see you back Kinsey!

Suarez the vampire lol!!!!!


Thank you! If you happened to get a pic of yourself being bitten by the Suarez ad (since you live in Rio), feel free to share it.


welcome back Kinsey! was surprised to see you in my feed! loved the capoeira brain stuff... thank you for including that, i haven't had a chance to listen to her podcast in a while and would've missed this. as for the WC, tell us next time what the reactions were over the loss to germany!

in terms of interviews... what happened to brandon, that guy that was moving to BR with his wife that you interviewed for the show a few years ago?


Thank you. The Brazilian reactions to the loss were pretty subdued. Brazil had already lost in the semifinals, so it was clear that even beating Germany, there would be no chance to win the Cup. I watched that game at the restaurant I mentioned. When it was over, Simone and I left to catch a bus. The streets were quiet. There was no sign at all that the final World Cup match had just been played.

As for Brandon, I really don't know what happened to him. Soon after his move, I asked him about recording an episode. He was very interested but said there was some family crisis that he needed to resolve before he would have the time. A few weeks later, I tried to contact him again only to discover that he had unfriended both me and Milton on Facebook and left the Brazilianisms group. I guess he's moved on to other things. I do hope he returns, though.

Mihai Ciulea

I enjoyed the inside nuance of the World Cup, there were many things I did not know about and I agreed with your position of Brazil hosting the World Cup. Also thinking about the biology and science regarding Capoeira made my head spin. :)
Now, I am an official sponsor for the podcast thanks to Patreon. I remember that in the past I donated a small amount but I am glad that you used this method as it is easier and I always know that my appreciation it is showed every month. I wish that I would be able to donate more but I hope that in the future I will change this.
Overall a great episode, a great podcast and also I can not wait to hear from Milton again. :D
Nice to hear from you again!


Thank you so much, Mihai! You are my very first patron. The episode with Milton will be up shortly.

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