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050 Sticky Fishies

They way you play with these fish is by sticking them to the inner part of the tub or a tile bathroom wall. That's all you do, just stick them to vertical surfaces. It's kind of a weird idea for a toy, but I seem to remember enjoying it. Apparently the eyes had to be punched out when they were new. My mother let me play with them as well, so I had little colored circles in addition to fish that I could stick around. Unfortunately, one day I accidentally inhaled one and started choking. It wasn't anything serious. I just had to cough a few times to clear my airway. But my mother panicked, pulled me out of the tub, and ran with me to her room, so she could peer down my throat with a flashlight. I suppose that she was scared and distraught. But I didn't understand that at the time. All I knew was that she kept yelling at me. For years I remembered that as a day when my mother became horribly angry with me. In fact, she was so angry that she took away all my fish eyes and still hasn't given them back!