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Cape Point, South Africa

I took this in January or February of 1999 at a snackbar at Cape Point, South Africa. Cape Point is the southwestern most point in Africa, where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. The land around this area is a national park, so there is a lot of wildlife there, mostly ostriches and baboons. Apparently the architects of the snackbar did not forsee the problem that building it into a hillside would create. Baboons can easily get to the roof from the top of the hill. They spend their time up there surveying the crowd below for potential victims, basically anyone small and helpless-looking who is in possession of a sandwich. (They don't seem to be interested in ice cream for some reason.) Whenever you see one disappear from sight, it is certain that within a minute he'll come charging from around the bend into the people, directly for his intended victim. That's how I knew to have my camera out and ready when this particular attack came.