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Kitty Butt

Kitty Butt

Muncie, Indiana

Earlier this year, America 24/7 sponsored a photography project, inviting everyday people from all over the US to take and submit photos from a one-week period in May. The best ones would be published in several volumes. Since the contest was limited to a specific time period, I could not submit any prior work, and I set about taking pictures of everything in sight.

Believe it or not, this is the only one that I felt had a chance to be selected. It now appears that it has been rejected. I wonder why. It's a good quality image, well composed, taken from an interesting angle and with an unmistakable element of humor. I doubt they received many similar images from other contestants.

Oh well, at least I can publish it on Tvindy. I've also posted a copy to, where it currently has a 5.5. (Of course that's a rating of the cat and not the picture.)