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First of all, thanks for the shout-out, though I guess it's almost to be expected by now. I am beginning to think that you and I are podcasting specifically for each other. It's weird. I will add "Make a 'Youngcast' pin" to my long list of things to do. Unfortunately, we don't have much of a logo, do we? Oh well. I'll work something out eventually.

Secondly, while your idea is original, the idea of making very good use of pins at a convention is not totally original. I am thinking of this year's DragonCon, where J.C. Hutchins handed out pins to all the fans of his podcast fiction trilogy "7th Son." Each pin featured the word "Beta" (or maybe it was just the symbol ... I don't know, I wasn't there) and the number that corresponded to that button. If you listen to "7th Son," then you understand the significance. If you don't listen to "7th Son," start listening to it write away (from the beginning of Book One, of course). JC Hutchins and I were in the same episode of "Geek Fu Action Grip." That's how I learned about him and his pin technique.


Will, I look forward to seeing your new podcast pin when you come out with it. I have to work on one for Tvindy Time as well. (And I guess I could do one for Sound Scribbles as well, but that would just have a picture of a crayon scribble.) I somehow missed the part of Geek Fu where J. C. Hutchins mentioned using pins at DragonCon. It boggles my mind that he somehow managed to have them individually numbered. It's too bad he's not offering any pins online. All he's got are shirts. I've been gradually listening to the 7th Son chapters, hoping not to get through them completely until he has finished the third part of the trilogy. By the way, have you checked out The Pocket and the Pendant. If not, I think you might like it.

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