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Hey man thanks for the...uh...i guess you can call that a plug...
That other kid thing was weird where'd you find that? I thought he was like shooting the mom then the police came and those were the ppl talking low in the back i was listening that hard you might be able to tell haha


For the future, when there is a first-person shooter involved in an audio clip, it would be best to mention that first. That really had me freaked out for a moment.

But in regards to the whole storytelling, good stuff! Can't wait to hear more.

And thanks for mentioning the video. ^_^


ElNacho, don't mention it. I first heard that clip played on the PK and J Show. Unfortunately, I don't remember the episode.

Will, sorry about that. I knew I should have mentioned that at the beginning, but it hadn't occured to me that it might alarm some of the listeners.

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