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And that's why I don't travel.

(Also, I'm very glad that you're still podcasting.)


Will, thanks. By the way, I meant to plug your podcast in this episode, but I forgot. I'll definitely do it in episode 6.

Uncle Bob

My dear impudent fellow,

After listening to this little podcast of yours, I'm inclined to be more forgiving concerning your disrespectful comments on the subject of spiders and necks. Hearing your own response to tarantula attack, it seems clear that your were paralysed by fear in an utterly cowardly way, which no doubt inspired resentment in you when you heard of my own, infinitely more heroic and audacious response.

If you are sufficiently contrite about your disrespectful behaviour, I may be prepared to share more of my wisdom with you in future. After all, it seems to me that you have the makings of an adventurer about you, and I'm always happy to take a budding hero under my wing, provided I'm accorded the proper respect.

Yours Faithfully,

Uncle Bob.


Uncle Bob,

I'm starting to suspect that you're not even a real person. I first became suspicious when Zan disappeared for the second time when you were being contacted. Upon further reflection, I realized that your voice is quite similar to Zan's despite your being Jana's uncle. It seems quite clear to me that both you and Zan are imaginary characters created by Jana, who is only capable of one fake voice. For this reason she keeps you and Zan separated, so no one will hear the two voices side-by-side. The superhero episode taxed her to the limit.

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