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Gosh, I never thought I would so anxiously anticipate the end of summer, but right now I can hardly wait for late August, when my friends and I can begin the second season of our podcast. This seventh episode has gotten me seriously in a 'podcast-y' mood. I'm even considering doing an audio post just for the followers of my multimedia blog.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the creation of this fun new second podcast you've spoken about. Keep on keeping on.


Will, that's great! I hope you do record a few more episodes over the summer.

My secondary podcast is up and running. I'm still working on a website for it, but in the meantime, you can access it here.


is it....Rambling Retard Rampage. hehe. this is a trip, man, whoa, dude. this is nearly a year old...just a week or two more.


ElNacho, see my reply to your previous comment.

Tim Bourquin

Hope you'll find the funds to make it to the show! It's actually in Southern California.

Hope to see you there.

Tim Bourquin, Founder
Podcast & Portable Media Expo


Thank you. I doubt I'll make it this year, but I'm definitely aiming for next year's.

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