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I downloaded "Bob's Yer Uncle" episode fifteen in order to listen in during my car trip to Boston this morning. I was ebullient to find that the episode began with a voicemail from you and later featured Uncle Bob giving you a remarkably harsh scolding. Fun as he is, that Uncle Bob sure has a temper.

My best friend / co-host Brian and I both agreed months ago that we would work for our school's bookstore, so we will reunite some days prior to the beginning of school. With luck, the second season of the "Youngcast" will begin later this month with an episode or two featuring just the two of us, unless some other bookstore employees feel that they want to join in. (It's technically not volunteer work, by the way, because we don't have to pay money for our own books in return for our labor.)

I suggested dropping us an MP3 just because I cannot imagine getting a voicemail line like you've just gotten. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it is easier than it seems, but I still feel that I have neither the resources nor the effort to set that up for the "Youngcast."

Also, it's cool that I'm your #1 fan. I'm pretty sure I've never been a #1 fan before.

I've never really heard the generalization that the first ten episodes of any given podcast are like the first pancake (the one that gets thrown away). Personally, I'd like to think that once the seventh episode of the "Youngcast" was released, we crossed some line from 'mediocre' into 'good enough.'

As I've said so much already that it has exhausted me, the upcoming academic year is going to be very difficult and challenging for me and all my friends, so I make absolutely no promises in regards to a schedule. One episode every two weeks would be nice, but I anticipate something much more sporadic.

I can't foresee going to Indiana. But, then again, I never anticipated going to Boston, and here I am now in Boston. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to bahh-rah a dahh-lah for a tahh-nic and then pahhk the cahh in the yahhd.


Addendum: I see that El Nacho answered "Rambling Retard Rampage" and "Israelisms," but I've gathered from your responses that there was some error in his sequence. Are these nevertheless the answers you're looking for so vehemently? Or, one correct and the other wrong, perhaps? (If this is a valid, correct response, then boy I really am cheating.)


Uncle Bob is quite a character. After calming down a bit, he did post a fairly civil comment to the entry for episode 5 of Tvindy Time.

Voicemail is incredibly easy to set up. I use Skype Voicemail. There's also a free service a lot of podcasters are using called K7.

Here's what I can say about the contest:
--The sequence doesn't matter. If El Nacho had been right on both answers, the order wouldn't have mattered.
--If you listen to the contest segments in the appropriate episodes, read the comments, and do a bit of research on the Pickle, you should be able to make an educated guess that will be correct. (And of course that goes for you or anyone else reading this.)


We have a winner (who will be announced on episode 9), so the contest is now officially closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.


Thanks for the tip about the Skype Voicemail. However, my father has just told me that in the case of the "Youngcast," there is an even easier way, since our family uses Sun Rocket digital phone service. Apparently, we have an extra phone number that we don't use, AND Sun Rocket automatically emails an audio file of each voicemail to the receiver. Since it's just so convenient, I suppose that, in a few weeks when the new season begins, the "Youngcast" will have a voicemail line after all.


Great! I'll be sure to call it.

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