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What I neglected to say by voicemail:

I just listened to your interview on the "Amateur Traveler" podcast, and it was very enjoyable. It was fun to hear that classic tarantula story again.


I thought it was better in the first telling, though.

Chris (Amateur Traveler podcast)

Well, sure, but it would have helped if he had not given away the punch line :-)


Yes, there was that. :>

MIchael Moore

Whenever I listen to an episode, it's inevitably months after you recorded it, due to my limited time for listening. So, as I hear your requests for participation, I always feel that just a bit too much time as passed for my answers or feedback to be enormously relevant.

Now, being only 3 or 4 episodes behind, I am starting to have the feeling that responding will not be like trying to call in to a rerun of a talk show.

So, let me say that "Name that Podcast" in this episode came from Resonance FM Podcasts in an episode titled "Epistaxis Time: Candy Arse Lover".

Now, I cringe that I will listen to the next episode and find that your other listener, who listens more quickly than I do, will have already won the "prize".

Love your podcast!


Actually, you're the only one to have even attempted a guess. Even though you explain how you identified Epistaxis Time (in the upcoming episode 14), I'm still amazed, especially since it was by far, the hardest of the three.

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