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What I forgot to mention in my voicemail: Per your suggestion (a long time ago), the "Youngcast" is on Podcast Alley now. Speaking of which, episode seventeen will be released before the week is over.


Looking forward to it, but I probably won´t get to hear it til I get back to the US. I´ve voted for you at Podcast Alley.

Michael Moore

I just wanted to say that I also found the Sims segment to be entertaining, though it seemed to be split into two definite sections. In the first portion, the mother and daughter seemed disagreeable and uncooperative.

Then, shortly after you find the mother her military recruitment job, things turn around in a noticeable way.

As I was listening at about 20:23 into the episode, I was certain that I heard your Sims say "Hoo-Ya Sound Scribbles"! On listening again, it's not totally clear, but I am willing to believe that their Simlish accent accounts for the lack of clarity.

So, after they realize that they have an audience and are so happy to be on Sound Scribbles, they seem to be much more agreeable and cooperative, eventually getting off to work and school even (barely) with their clothes on. I wonder what they would have thought if they new they would be on Tvindy Time?


Actually, I think the mother said "Hoo-Ra". The "Sound Scribbles" part wasn't quite so clear, but it might have been. The Sims are always alternating between things being crisis and things being somewhat under control. I'm glad I was able to capture both phases.

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