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Congrats on the engagement!!!
I listened like half way through before before I got home, and the next morning there was a new episode of
The Rookie, or 7th Son, or something and I didn't finish until recently. I totally feel bad for missing that!
Congrats Dude! Cj and I are really happy for you!


Holy Moses! I'm not even going to bother making any excuses, even though I could probably list hundreds of them. Point is, I'm sorry that I didn't listen to Episode 13 sooner, and now that I have I am really happy for you. Congratulations, and all the best to you and Simone.


Hey, no problem. No apologies necessary. My only concern was that people disliked the episode so much that they gave up on it before the end. I should be apologizing to you guys for taking so long to notice your comments. (I've turned on comment notification, so hopefully that won't happen again.)

Anyway, thank you, Dan, CJ, and Will for the congratulations.

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