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First comment! I am sooo looking forward to hearing this today!


Thank you. I sincerely hope it lives up to all the hype. Oh, wait. There is no hype. I guess I'd better start hyping. (Well, actually . . . maybe I should do the shownotes first.)

Congratulations on being the first first commenter to declare firstdom.

Guy David

That is the funniest episode ever. Love it :)


Thank you. Scotty J really kept me on my toes.


"I drink Cockburn port" - it's pronounced 'Co-burn'. Or maybe I'm missing the irony in the wrong pronounciation by your guest?

Name two body parts that make up a name...
...but not anything rude

If you spend 5 hours listening to podcasts a day, how do you keep up with the news? Since I started listening to podcasts a couple of years ago I've found that I'm missing loads of stuff I used to pick up off the radio on BBC news. And I don't listen to more than a couple of hours podcasts a day max, there just isn't time for all the media available!


Hey Zebulon, thanks for stopping by. I know I'm doing something right when Bob's Yer Uncle listeners (podcast connoisseurs of the highest level) actually listen to me.

Scotty J. hasn't divulged the answer to me. Like you said, it can't involve a dirty body part, so "handcock" is probably wrong, but I'll run it by him the next time I speak to him.

I've never been a news junkie. I don't really care what Bush is up to. Nothing could lower my opinion of him more, and there's zero chance he'll ever redeem himself, so what's the point? I get all my tech news from podcasts and the internet. And any major news stories eventually trickle down to me through browsing the web.


Tony (toe-knee) is indeed the correct answer. Nice job, Zebulon!


Well, it looks like Zebulon gets the prize. Zebulon, be on the lookout for an e-mail from me. I need to send you a prize!

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